MM-007 Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Model Student Set -281 Pieces

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New Duluth Labs All-In-One MM-007 Molecular Model Set for both Organic and Inorganic Chemistry will bring life to basic concepts such as bonding, VSEPR Theory to advanced concepts like Organometallic compounds, Coordination chemistry, and building Metal Complexes. This set was designed to assist students throughout their entire chemistry lifetime. The MM-007 has a total of 281 pieces to cover all chemistry needs.

 This kit is a perfect replacement for the MM-006 Molecular Model Kit. 


  • Contains 281 pieces with 120 atoms and 160 Bond parts for both simple and complex structures
  • Includes orbitals to model free lone pairs of electrons
  • Includes multiple geometric configurations of carbons, metals and other atoms
  • Includes bonds to display ligands in coordination chemistry
  • Highly durable plastic that are color-coded to chemistry universal standards
  • Molecular tool included to quickly disassemble molecules and atoms connectors
  • Great All-In-One Molecular Model kit for chemistry students at any age/stage

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