Parents: The Key to Developing Future Scientists

Parenting is not easy and either is chemistry! As your little ones explore the world of science, you might realize that they struggle to understand the fundamentals. That is why here at Duluth Labs, we promote what is called “Active Learning”.


Active learning is defined as a teaching strategy where students, like your little ones, are engaged in interactive activities which promote imaginary understanding. Reports firmly show that the use of chemistry models and other forms of active learning are more effective than the traditional “stand and deliver” methods which is mainly done in the classrooms (1-5). 


The following infographic below provides more statistics behind how visual and hands on learning is helpful for your child.


Our Recommendations? 

We recommend that our kits be used at least once per week alongside our Molecule of the Week posts since research has shown that this is the minimum frequency time for hands-on learning to be effective [14]. Don’t worry, there’s no need to believe that you need to a chemist in order to help your child with chemistry. It has been shown even without teacher training, students who were taught with science kits were equally able to increase their test scores over students who were not taught with science kits [11, 12]. 

Make sure to subscribe to our Molecule of the Week email list to have new molecules delivered to your inbox that you can build with your kids.  When our kits are used along with the Molecule of the Week posts, you’ll notice a great improvement in your child’s performance and enjoyment when learning chemistry!

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding these kits or the cutting edge educational research which has driven their design. 

References: Please see our Reference Page