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Each Duluth Labs Model Kit is designed based on cutting edge educational research to help improve memorization and increase performance in science courses.

Reports firmly show that the use of models and other forms of active learning are more effective than the traditional “stand and deliver” methods that predominate in the classroom.
Students instructed by traditional lecturing were 1.5 times more likely to fail than those taught with active learning methods.
Students which engage in hands-on learning techniques’ have been shown to score up to a full letter grade higher on tests when compared to traditional methods.
Students which participated in hands-on learning felt more positively toward the topic than those that studied using traditional methods.
Students who used models in their courses increased positive attitudes toward the sciences.
Hands-on learning activates both sensory and motor skills in addition to your brain, and this has been shown to increase learning and memory retention.
Students that use active learning techniques like using molecular sets to study increased their test scores up to 12% and were 1.5 times less likely to fail.
Students taught with science-kits were equally able to increase their test scores over students that were not taught with science kits, regardless of teacher training.

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  • Molecule of the Week was designed to help students and parents increase their knowledge and improve their visuals with complex chemical structures. Each week we'll post new molecules that you can build with your Duluth Labs molecular sets. Search our library and start building today!
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