Recommend Duluth Labs - Claim Your Cash

If your Duluth Labs Molecular Set has helped make learning the world of molecules a little easier, we'd love for you to share us with your friends, family, classmates and professors!  As a bonus, if you get your professor to recommend our molecular sets for our your courses, we'll send you $50 CASH as our way of saying THANK YOU!

If your professor is now recommending our sets for their courses due to your recommendation, please fill out the following information below to redeem your cash:) 


Please Note: In order to qualify for the cash you must meet the following criteria: 

(1) Your professor was not already recommending Duluth Labs molecular sets for their courses. 

(2) You provide your professor's contact information since we may reach out to them to confirm they are recommending our sets.


Once again, thank you for being awesome!  We'll personally follow up with you after we receive the info below.  


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