Our Story at Duluth Labs

As I was starting my first organic chemistry course, the concepts just weren't coming to me. Since I was a visual learner, I had a hard time trying to picture the molecules that were drawn in my textbook and lecture notes.  While I made it through those organic chemistry courses, looking back I realized the reason why it was a struggle; I just couldn't see these molecules in their true 3D form!

From that realization, Duluth Labs was born.  When developing the molecular sets, our main goal was to create versatile, quality learning tools that would also be affordable for students.  Our sets have been designed based on cutting edge research to help students improve memorization, master concepts quicker, boost test scores and even help to improve enjoyment of science courses (check out the research here for more benefits).  Our molecular sets are also a great way to teach your kids about chemistry and make science fun!

We're a family owned business based out of the Northwoods of Minnesota which allows us to offer our quality sets without the high markup charged by large corporate textbook companies.  We love our customers and the countless messages we've received from happy college professors, students and parents continue to motivate us!  We’d love to hear your story and we hope our sets allow you to enjoy chemistry as much as we do. 

Happy learning!

Joe and Sarah Shelerud