8 Reasons You Should be Requiring Models for your Courses

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Don't have the time to incorporate molecular models into your courses?

We've done it for you!

Review our examples how you can increase student usage of models to unleash the benefits of active learning.

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Looking for more fun ways to use your set?

Follow our free step-by-step guides for creating new molecules which is updated weekly.

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Our Recommendations?

We recommend that our kits be used in your courses at least once per week, as research has shown that this is the minimum effective frequency for science kit utilization [14].  Our sets will quantifiably improve students' outlook and increase student performance in science.  You can order our molecular sets using the links below or if you're planning on ordering of your course, please use the Bulk Order for Course page.  

Still Skeptical?

You don't have to take our word for it.  You can download our fully referenced report on the benefits of active learning and using models in the classroom. The report can be downloaded here.